How to make a 3d pdf solidworks

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My understanding is that Solidworks is based on vectors and hence, it should be possible to save one-view of the assembly as a vector image file (pdf, eps etc).

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I'm relatively new to solidworks and am looking to export my work in the hhest possible quality for inclusion in a report (which will ultimately be a PDF).

<b>How</b> to save 3D <b>pdf</b> in <b>Solidworks</b> NCCS CAD CAM 3D.

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The alternative, I guess, is saving as a raster image with a hh DPI but then this results in a large file size. Havent used Solid Works in a few years but the workflow used to be: create a drawing from the different views (afaik this also works with perspective) and then export to pdf rather than directly from solidworks.

How to save 3D pdf in Solidworks NCCS CAD CAM 3D.

You can decide if you whant to display hidden lines or not in the Drawing-editor.

How to make a 3d pdf solidworks:

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