Download pdf via ajax call

AJAX with jQuery

Hi, I have an application in which i have inplemented an http handler.

How to download PDF File Generated from TCPDF PHP using AJAX

View-populated-using-j Query-AJAX-to-PDF-using-i Text Sharp-in-ASPNet/ Besides, the following article shows a demo about using Ajax and a generic handler to do it and you could have a try if you need.

How to <i>download</i> <i>PDF</i> File Generated from TCPDF PHP using <i>AJAX</i>

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Requirements: On ajax post, save data to database, generate invoice and download as PDF file.

JQuery File Download Plugin for Ajax like,

Hi Eddie Flo, According to your above description, I think you want to download a PDF file through the ajax and web service.

Download pdf via ajax call:

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