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I remember liking them a lot, but don't remember much, given haven't read them for over 21 years .

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I found a complete PDF collection of these fantastic french comics. Here's a place to find a complete, albeit I'm certain misnumbered set of the comics So it's been a while but some of the adventures that remain freshest in my mind are Asterix and the Great Divide, Asterix at the Olympic Games, and Asterix and the Banquet.

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As I grew older I found that Tintin was still able to hold my interest – I'm a b fan of the series to this day – but I guess I grew out of Asterix. There's a comic book store in my Francophone city in Switzerland and it's like a fine art or hh class book shop.

Asterix complete set Free Download & Streaming Internet.

Some images below One of my primary schools had a fairly large collection.

Asterix collection french pdf:

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