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It describes, though in brief, the Divine advent and the glorious deeds of Lord Skandathe conditions that preceded and necessitated the Birth of the Lord, His auspicious Avatara, His Bala Lilas, His commanding of the Deva army against the Asuras and His glorious victory over them, ending with His marriage with Deivayanai and Valli.

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The Advent of Lord Skanda or Karttikeya, the purpose of His incarnation as an Avatara and its significance should be of great importance and of immense value to seekers after Truth.

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The subject dealt with in Section Two is the Skanda Purana.

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By First Edition: 1950 Second Edition: 1974 Third Edition: 1996 (3,000 Copies) World Wide Web (WWW) Edition : 2000 WWW site: This WWW reprint is for free distribution The Divine Life Trust Society ISBN 81-7052-115-7 Published By THE DIVINE LIFE SOCIETY P. And naturally it will be of great interest to all His devotees, in particular, to know more about Him, the significance of His birth and His life and career as a victorious General.

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