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He also says that she needs to convince the country that she truly loves Peeta, and that her prior acts were not meant to be rebellious towards the Capitol.

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She starts to understand her role in Panem now, and Haymitch reconfirms that role by reminding them that their relationship will be on show for the rest of their lives.

The <u>Hunger</u> <u>Games</u> by Suzanne Collins - Free eBooks <u>Download</u>

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins - Free eBooks Download

During this time, we see Katniss growing angrier with the Capitol and the President as she begins to understand the gravity of the situation.

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During the tour of the districts, Katniss often witnesses acts of rebellion by the people and forceful counter-measures by the Peacekeepers to subdue them.

The hunger games download pdf book:

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