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Compiled by the author, Ackoff's Best encapsulates the author's most controversial, influential, and wittiest work to appear since the 1970s.

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Over the years, I was disinclined to read anything by Russell Ackoff largely because of my reservations regarding the notion of "management science".

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Now, Ackoff's Best offers you an opportunity to become acquainted with this irreverent genius who, over the past forty years, has clone so much to shape our understanding of the modern business organization.

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An excellent introduction for newcomers to Russell Ackoff, and a welcome compendium of Ackoff's pithiest writings for those already familiar with his ideas from such classic works as Creating the Corporate Future and The Art of Problem Solving, Ackoff's Best is required reading for every intelligent businessperson.

Systems thinking for curious managers pdf download:

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