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“It was through Saint Germain’s Assistance that I was privileged to have the experiences recorded in this Series of Books.” Saint Germain revealed many, many things which have been held in secret, and sacredly guarded for many centuries. the second group of experiences which I was privileged to have, through the Love and Assistance of the Beloved Master Saint Germain.

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The condition of the outer world at the present time is such that those who sincerely seek the Light and want the Constructive Way of Life must have more than human help if they are to survive over the present period of chaos, which is the accumulated discord generated by humanity en masse through the centuries, and which is pressing heavily upon the outer experience of individuals today.

Free Download Sustenance A Saint-<strong>Germain</strong> novel St.

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Not for thousands of years have the True Inner Instruction and Use of the Sacred Flame been taught to mankind, as Saint Germain and Others of the Ascended Masters have revealed.

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It is the Only Way by which individuals can correct the mistakes of the past and go forward free from them in the future. Ballard's remarkable experiences are recorded in the book, Unveiled Mysteries, written under the pen name of Godfre Ray King. Ballard’s remarkable experiences are recorded in the book, The Magic Presence, written under the pen name of Godfre Ray King.

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