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It should be noted though that this contains no mp3 files, it's all wav, so if you need mp3s you'll need to convert them yourself. (12m) Outdoors walking sounds, nicely clacky, with some calm but intense wind. (15m) Gum chewing, with a few moments of additional sounds, but mostly that. The first third is almost entirely marble clacking noises with a tiny bit of talk here and there.

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The second is partly clacking, and mostly brushing noises, also interspersed with some talk.

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It seems to me that such a set is perfect for anyone who wants to make their game in the genre of "horror" or platformer. This is a good mix of mostly dry rubbing and patting sounds, with constant narration.

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(The last file might get a little too loud though.) Story-wise things stay simple and clean. This is the only one with significant voice involvement.

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