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In addition, this is not the first set of sounds from this seiyu and you can expand your game this way. She uses a fairly young voice but never gets too loud or excited with it, despite incorporating some spirited roleplay. (8m) Ear massage, has some tapping, but mostly fuzzy muted rubbing. (17m) Fireplace sounds with a calm deep female voice reading slowly.

Ghost Stories Indian Reading Series Level V Book 7

These are all recorded with extremely high audio quality, and even if not all of it is for you, it's worth picking up if either the clacking or the heart beat/counting sounds interesting. It takes the original compositions and arranges them with the rock style that Yohsui O'asa and ECE-SMZ is known for.

Ghostgirl Ghostgirl 1 By Tonya Hurley <i>PDF</i> <i>Download</i>

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The last half is heart beat noises with her voice muffled while she counts the beats for half an hour.

Ghostgirl Ghostgirl 1 By Tonya Hurley PDF Download

The second is partly clacking, and mostly brushing noises, also interspersed with some talk.

Ghost girl english pdf download:

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