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Thank God she was almost done with her crazy schedule, her life finally totally on track because Rick had just graduated from dental school and was set to start his first job at an already thriving practice.

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Ally yanked the offending footwear from her feet in the foyer, and climbed the carpeted stairs quickly, unbuttoning her conservative blouse and the back of her skirt as she went, to save time. Her life plan was exactly the way it should be, her and Rick’s small wedding being only a little more than a month away.

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Billionaire Undone ~ Travis The Billionaire's Obsession, #5

That was the plan, the agreement they’d made when it was apparent that she and Rick couldn’t both go to school at the same time. Rick would make more money than she could right out of school, and her job at Harrison Corporation paid well for a woman who hadn’t actually finished her MBA.

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Very shortly, she’d have her chance to go back to school and finish her MBA.

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