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Included in the Battle Bible are a wide variety of supplements designed to allow many different ways of playing the Warhammer Fantasy game.

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The project is not about a rewrite of the rules, but rather an update to the existing rules with balance in mind (with a few alterations to existing rules to cater for what some wanted 9th to be.)It is envisioned that every three months an updated Army Book release for both 8.5 as well as 8.1 (a sister project which is designed to release Rules/Army Books digitally with the exact same content as the GW but with the GW issued errata already incorporated into the Army book.) To keep things fresh however, in between the major releases, an updated version for 8th will be Army lists that were originally released in White Dwarf or Storm of Chaos (The Dwarf Slayer Army, The Gnoblar Army, the Dark Elf City Garrison list, etc)Below are links to various files including the 8.5 Errata & FAQ, as well as the WHFB 8.5 Battle Bible.

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Finally are the rulebook FAQs that contain not only the GW official Q&A but also the Q&A from the ETC and other community minded FAQs.

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WHFB 8.5 is a 2 page update for Warhammer Fantasy Battle 8th edition, incorporating ETC rule modifications, implementing minor rule updates and often requested changes that people wanted to see in 9th edition Warhammer Fantasy Battles. dl=0--------------------------------------------------------------------------WHFB 8.5 Archaons Hordehttps:// ...

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