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As he was thinking about this, his cock went from flaccid to steel. The smell of freshly brewed coffee made its way to him. He made his way to the kitchen, looking forward to coffee, and apologizing to Beth. Jason moaned, "Beth, don't do this," but even as he spoke the words, he knew he couldn't resist his niece. She took his cock in her hand, rubbed it over her face, and moaned with desire.


Beth walked up to her uncle, and lightly stroked his bare arm with her fingers."Uncle Jason, you didn't take advantage of me.

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I'm your uncle, and your mother entrusted you to me, and I let both of you down."Even as he was saying this, Beth noticed her uncle's eyes wandering over her. Last night, she discovered a new sexual awareness, and she wanted to explore more.

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He vaguely remembered drinking a whole bottle of wine last night. He mind reached back to last night, and then he remembered. She had gone out of her way to tease him, and she had known how to show off her tight teenage body. When I was younger, I loved you as an uncle, but I felt a really strong attraction to you ever since you met us at the airport.

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