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Accordingly the sons of Israel did so, just as Joshua had commanded, and they took up 12 stones from the middle of the Jordan, just as Jehovah had stated to Joshua, to correspond with the number of the tribes of the sons of Israel; and they went taking them over with them to the lodging place and depositing them there [The 12 Laodicean apostles, are removed from the Jordan, the lose their water baptism.

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Revelation 7 prohibits any Passover angel to permit wind to blow against the earth or see or trees until after 2013Shebat13 (a 128 sentence count of verse1 after Jesus is installed as Caesar on 2017Tishri5) .

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The 12 Laodicean Apostles/Tribal Heads, the firstborn by baptism of Roger Knight, DID NOT DIE PHYSICALLY at Hebrew/true midnight on 2017Tebbeth14 (Saturday January6 at true midnight). THEY DIED ANGELICALLY TO THE 2NC (perhaps the Laodicean 1NC reserves actually celebrated it?

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So by 2017Tebbeth21, the last day of Laodicean Cakes, the 3rd fire sign, all the armies of Jehovah have escape from Laodicea somehow][This very day, is the 'day' of 2017Tebbeth14-21, which is precisely 430 years, a month for a day, from 2003Elul14-21, more particularly from 2003Elul14-16 which must have been the days when Roger Knight, the Laodicean apostle, baptised the 2nd Laodicean in order to celebrate the 2NC on 2003Elul16 and not lose his stolen 4EC water baptism] with regard to Jehovah for bringing them out of the land of Egypt.

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