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In some cases, the sources linked to in this index demonstrate that a passage did not originate with Joseph Smith but with a scribe, newspaper editor, or other associate.

Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith

Special thanks to Michael Duval, who assisted the staff in compiling the data used for the index presented here. 1854, Historian’s Office, JS History Documents, 1839–1860, CHL; Doctrine and Covenants, 111:4, 1844 ed. F-1, 151Willard Richards, Journal, 26 June 1844; Dan Jones, The Martyrdom of Joseph and Hyrum Smith, 1855, CHL, 9–10 (transcript available here); John Fullmer, Preston, England, to George A. 1854, Historian’s Office, JS History Documents, 1839–1860, CHLCyrus Wheelock, London, England, to George A.

Important Doctrinal Discourses of the Prophet <b>Joseph</b> <b>Smith</b> During.

Prophet Joseph Smith - edu

The headings from the 1938 publication are reproduced in the first column for easy reference.

Teachings of Presidents of the Church Joseph Smith -

Joseph Fielding Smith’s compilation was based on B. Roberts’s is considered an outdated source for scholarly use.

Teaching of joseph smith pdf:

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