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This saw the faith as hierarchical, secretive, and even – as in early Utah – theocratic; it claims that Joseph Smith understood relion to be undemocratic, and that instead he used it to create a type of society very different from those in the America around him.

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Mormonism, these historians maintain, placed the power of Christianity in the hands of average Americans.

Mormon Church Publishes Essay On

Mormon Church Publishes Essay On

That society some described as aristocratic, or dynastic, or even monarchical. Read the Wood article first, asking what it was that early Mormon converts saw in the relion Joseph Smith preached. Follow that with Shipps, who offers a much more textured account of the creation and development of Mormon identity.

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I’m teaching a course this semester ed “Prophecy in American History.” We’re examining particularly the interaction between prophetic fures and the society around them.

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