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We need to understand the natureof health and disease and how in the evolution of medicine, as a historical development, homeopathy found a grounded place in it for more than 200 years now.

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The symptoms are given with sufficient minuteness and detail to enable any one of ordinary capacities of observation to distinguish the complaint; and the treatment is so plainly laid down, that no one need make a mistake.

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This note covers the following topics: abstract, summary of recommendations, orin, the cardinal principles of homeopathy, the psora and vitalism, provings and the law of similiar, infinitesiminals and potentizing, homeopathy and science, studies of homeopathy, homeopathic products, dubious labelling, suspicious effectiveness, homeopathic services, a haven for untrustworthy practitioners, federal regulations, state regulations, recommendations This note is a collection of articles from different publications.

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From this lecture we have to understand the basis of modern medicine, the philosophy of the evidence based approach.

Free download bangla materia medica book pdf:

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