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So they started off with five quite major proposed changes.

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So what that consists of is the 10 personality disorder diagnoses, like antisocial, borderline, narcissistic, dependent, and so forth.

December 16 v2- HOME - Borderline <b>Personality</b>

Personality Disorders in DSM-5 Emerging Research on

None of the proposals by the DSM-5 PD Work Group were actually approved, so the current version of personality disorders in DSM-5 simply repeats everything that was in the DSM-IV.

December 16 v2- HOME - Borderline Personality

They developed in the very last year of their work switching to another new method of personality disorder diagnosis, called a hybrid model, where they cobbled together the hypothesized deficits of self and interpersonal relatedness with the maladaptive personality traits.

Dsm 5 pdf personality disorders:

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