Android app to download pdf files

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To get sideloaded ebooks and PDFs to work properly with the Kindle for Android app, you need to manually place the file in the proper location.

Android PDF Viewer download

If you download a Kindle-compatible ebook with the Chrome web browser on an Android device, for example.

<i>PDF</i> Reader 5.5 for <i>Android</i> - <i>Download</i>

Adobe Acrobat DC – PDF Reader for Android - Download

If it’s a PDF you’ll at least get the option to open it with the Kindle app, but the file doesn’t get added to the library list so you can’t easily go back and access it again.

Adobe Acrobat Reader - Android Apps on Google Play

If so, you’ve probably encountered the annoying problem of the ebook or PDF not opening or not appearing in the library of the Kindle reading app.

Android app to download pdf files:

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