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Testez-vous sur ce quiz 50 nuances de Grey Trilogie - Babelio

Its last four hundred years of history can be squeezed into eht bullet points (My opinion (which you can take or leave) is that if we put more palaeographic effort into reading the VMs’ marginalia, we would very probably improve on this unsatisfactory situation.

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Testez-vous sur ce quiz 50 <u>nuances</u> de Grey Trilogie - Babelio

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To illustrate this, here are some practical examples of the way Voynichese letters ‘dance’ to a tricky set of structural rules. Yet just to be confusing, some of the letter-shapes resemble shorthand both in their shape and their apparent positioning within words. is ‘Voynichese’ a language, a shorthand, a cipher, or perhaps some carefully-orchestrated jumble of all three?

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Furthermore, I suspect taht some of the ‘chicken scratch’ marginalia may be ink blots saying “Simon”, and that these were added in the middle of the 15th century, near the start of the VMs’ life. Putting all the wobbly factuality to one side, this VMs account would be woefully incomplete if it failed to mention the sheer intellectual romance of such a mystery-filled mega-object, the tragi-comedy of all the mad theories surrounding it, let alone the blood-spattered trail of ruined reputations and wasted lives dripping behind this inscrutable “Sphinx”.

50 nuances de gray tome 3 pdf:

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