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Let's be real – almost anyone could manage to make it through Pokemon Black and White's main story campaign without consulting a guide or FAQ.

Pokemon Black & White Prima Official Guide 2 Pokémon Nintendo.

So why would you need a walkthrough for getting all eight gym badges and facing the Elite Four? So consider this less of a traditional walkthrough and more of a supplemental guide to enhance your journey through the Unova region.

Best <u>Pokemon</u> <u>Black</u> <u>And</u> <u>White</u> Pc Download Free Download PokeIndex.

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Visiting Professor Juniper You don't have your running shoes yet, so it's not worth exploring the rest of the town yet unless you really want to. Wild Pokemon (~level 2-4): Lillipup, Patrat Audino(shaking grass)It's always exciting to step into your first tall grass in each Pokemon game, isn't it?

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Unless you have a friend who's willing to hook you up with female starters, it's worth considering soft-resetting despite how tedious it can be – you only have a 12.5% chance of getting a female starter, so it can take more than a few resets.

Official pokemon black and white guide pdf:

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