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Intellectual Property Rights are the legal rights that are granted to a person for any creative and artistic work, for any invention or discovery, or for any literary work or words, phrases and symbols or designs for a stipulated period of time.

Intellectual Property Law Firm in India. Patent Law Firm in India

Patents protect the inventions, Trademarks prevent the infringement of the marks or the logos under which the business is carried on or the goods are manufactured or sold and Copyright grants protection to the authors of original work which can be artistic, literary, dramatic or musical.

<b>Intellectual</b> <b>Property</b> Law Firm in <b>India</b>. Patent Law Firm in <b>India</b>

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The creators of any invention, or a mark or a literary or creative work spend money as well as time for creating the Intellectual Property, hence they should also be granted certain rights like exclusive use of their invention or claiming remedies for the infringement etc.

Intellectual property rights laws in Europe and India - ADAMAS.

People who seek the protection of their intellectual property to avoid any interruption in the use of his property.

Intellectual property laws in india pdf:

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