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It just debuted on the i Bookstore, offering a fascinating inside look at Apple’s secret weapon and also their corporate religion: simplicity…But who the heck is Ken Segall, you ask…The marketing expert and former Creative Director at Apple, Segall worked closely with Jobs on advertising concepts at both Apple and Ne XT and was also on the TBWA\Chiat\Day team behind the famous ‘Think Different’ campaign. Segall compiled his years-long experiences working alongside Jobs in And thanks to Apple’s agency model that got the company unfairly in trouble with the clueless Department of Justice, Segall gets to choose the price for his i Bookstore release.

Insanely Simple The Obsession That Drives Apple's Success.

Segall recently revealed on his personal blog that Steve Jobs never asked a prospective employee if he was a virgin, as suggested in To Steve Jobs, Simplicity was a religion. Simplicity isn’t just a design principle at Apple—it’s a value that permeates every level of the organization.

<i>Insanely</i> <i>simple</i> the obsession <i>pdf</i> - rock-a-

Insanely Simple', new book on Apple, makes its iBookstore debut

As ad agency creative director, Ken Segall played a key role in Apple’s resurrection, helping to create such critical marketing campaigns as Think different.

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Forbes got an advanced copy of having recently published a couple Steve Jobs leadership lessons from the book.

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