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The fictionalizations may be derived in part from authorial experience as well as from the author's current observations of youth culture.

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Young adult novels, written by adults for young people, are anthropological statements that reflect not only the conditions of their making but also authorial and social views of adolescence and the adolescent experience.

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Peter Hunt summarizes this argument in his introduction to Peter Hollindale's article, "Ideology and the Children's Book" (in Hunt 18), and states that much critical work surrounding children's literature has either been in service of this "polemic" or addresses "specific issues such as censorship or covert racialism." Recent research, however, has sought to look more broadly at the capitalist imperative behind the creation of children's literature.

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The novels emphasize the power of the gaze, drop product names in the dual service of characterization and advertising, and, in what Terry Eagleton mht the series' "conditions of making" that become evident in analysis, refer back to the teen consumption concerns of the auspicious producer.

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