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There are two methods for downloading issuu publications.

How can I print a PDF file once embedded from Issuu? - Answers

A great free tool that able to download any issuu book or publication directly as pdf without even logging into issuu, just provide the tool with the book url and it will grab the nook for you freely !

How can I print a <b>PDF</b> <b>file</b> once embedded <b>from</b> <b>Issuu</b>? - Answers

ISSUU PDF Download

O serviço é oferecido sem nenhuma garantia e nem suporte técnico por parte do autor e empresas citadas, podendo ser interrompido sem prévio aviso.

Where did the download as PDF link go? — issuu Community

In practice the script doesn't actually download the pdf, but rather download the images of the pages of the flash object and then combines those into a pdf Sorry just saw this now, save it as a file, and run it from terminal on your computer.

Download pdf file from issuu:

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