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A couple Hugh and I knew in Normandy would occasionally come to dinner with their wrecking crew of three, and when they’d leave, several hours later, every last part of me would feel violated.

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The following morning, I boarded another plane, this one to Atlanta, and the day after that I flew to Nashville, thinking all the while about my ever-shrinking family. One or two seemed reasonable, but anything beyond that struck me as outrageous.

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A few days after getting the news, my sister Amy drove to Somerville with a friend and collected two boxes of things from Tiffany’s room: family photographs, many of which had been ripped into pieces, comment cards from a neighborhood grocery store, notebooks, receipts.

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Take those kids, double them, and subtract the cable TV: that’s what my parents had to deal with. “And you can’t really say, ‘There to be six,’ ” I told my sister Lisa. “Three who are living and a daughter, Chloe, who died before she was born, eighteen years ago.”That’s not fair, I remember thinking.

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