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Increased Survival in Pancreatic Cancer

Traditional methods have been applied in Greece from time immemorial to produce olive oil products, famous wines, dairy products (especially different types of cheeses and yogurts) as well as processed meat and fish.

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Athens is renowned worldwide for its ancient history and monuments while being a lively contemporary city which suits for every taste; plenty of archaeological and historical sites and museums, various mean of entertainment, including a lively nightlife, shopping, pleasant Mediterranean climate and a unique location for easy escape to beaches.

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Thus, the 6th International Congress on Food Technology is aiming to focus on exploring new ways of thinking, effective resolution of technological problems in the food sector and intensifying possible solutions through interdisciplinary scientific collaboration for dissemination of knowledge, expertise and technological knowhow.

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The scientific programme will include a broad spectrum of subject areas on food safety, innovation, development and industrial implementations.

Organic chemistry survival manual pdf:

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