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The wisdom of crowds Predicting a weather and

As a result, social influence is expected to undermine the wisdom of crowds.

Testing the wisdom of crowds - Theseus

These results showed that individuals’ estimates became more similar when subjects observed each other’s beliefs, thereby reducing diversity without a corresponding increase in accuracy [Lorenz J, Rauhut H, Schweitzer F, Helbing D (2011) 120–9025].

The <b>Wisdom</b> of Smaller, Smarter <b>Crowds</b> -

The Wisdom of Crowds Why the Many are Smarter than the Few

Since the discovery of the wisdom of crowds over 100 years ago theories of collective intellence have held that accuracy requires either statistical independence or informational diversity among individual beliefs.

The Multidimensional Wisdom of Crowds - Computational

We identify general conditions under which influence, not independence, produces the most accurate judgments.

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