Motorola axu4100 manual pdf

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I need to know how to unlock, change channel & change PL the radios should be on ch. 136.5 Hi, On a Motorola AXU Series (including the 4100):1.


These radios came pre-loaded with its channels assigned with specific frequencies/PLs.

<strong>MOTOROLA</strong> P040 USER <strong>MANUAL</strong> <strong>Pdf</strong> Download.

Motorola T2288 service manual download pdf repair instruction.

To unlock, press the “D” button for about a second or until the circle is gone.

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To change PL (assigned to a channel), don’t think this can be done by the user4. 1 from 464.500 MHz (PL-67.0) to 463.525 (PL-136.5), don’t think this can also be done by the user.

Motorola axu4100 manual pdf:

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