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Now, due to many of those same readers requests, Peter has put together the Its All Too Much Workbook.

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In his bestselling book, Its All Too Much, Peter Walsh helped tens of thousands of people clear the clutter from their homes and lives.

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It's All Too Much Workbook 105,98 kr. Peter Walsh E-bog.

The perfect companion to the New York Times bestselling book by organizing icon Peter Walsh, the Its All Too Much Workbook delves deeper than the original book to help readers let go of the physical and mental clutter that is holding them back from a happier, more fulfilled life.

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Starting from the outside of your home and then working through it room by room, Peter asks hard questions and presents challenging exercises that will help you to understand why you live the way you do and how to move from the clutter to an organized space that reflects the life you imagine for yourself.

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