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I was hoping to announce this at Meeting C , but the guys at Manning were a bit faster than I expected.

Ruminations of a Programmer Grokking Functional Data Structures

The good people at Manning noticed that as well and offered me to write a book on Functional Programming in C . You can see more information about the topics planned to be covered in the book at the book homepage: Functional Programming in C There will also be a discount on “Grokking Functional Programming” (a quite interesting FP book from what I’ve seen) and “Functional Programming in C#”.

<u>Functional</u> <u>Programming</u>, Simplified <u>PDF</u> and Kindle ebook.

Functional Programming, Simplified PDF and Kindle ebook.

This is a small way to “pay it forward,” and show my gratitude to the creators of the Scala language and the Scala community.

Manning Grokking Functional Programming

Back to top If you’d like to preview the book before buying it, you can choose from these two options: Note that the orinal name of the book was, “Learning Functional Programming in Scala,” so you will see that name referenced in those resources.

Grokking functional programming pdf download:

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