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I don't know anyone who actually bought and played the d20 version.

Call of Cthulhu role-playing game -

I can't recall if we started with 3rd or 4th edition, but I recall the 4th book was pretty nice. However, 5th edition (and the smaller bumps after that...

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Write a Tabletop RPG / So You Want To - TV

One of the Monographs was so well done, Chaosium had the author re-do it as a full fledged Chaosium Co C product (Secrets of Morocco).

Sandy Peterson's Cthulhu

Although not the current edition, Chaosium has the 5th edition hardback of Call of Cthulhu RPG for $0.00 listed in their Boo-Boo Books section of their catalogue. I'd be all over this due to uncontrollable nostalgia for the 5th edition rulebook, but the description says the item is in fact 4th ed from 1989.. You should know better than to accept a free book about the Mythos! Further, Chaosium no longer includes D20 information in their latest Co C releases which are still based on the original percentile system (BRP -- Basic Role Playing).

Call of cthulhu rpg rulebook pdf free:

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